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Department:  Computer Science
AMOUNT:  3000
PAGES:  72 pages, abstract, chapter 1-5 , APENDIX A source code and APENDIX B output, well reserached and supervise
  information system
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The tremendous impact of electronic technology (like computer and computer embedded devices, computer networking, artificial intelligence, multimedia among others) on the human psychological capabilities and productivity, intellectuality and other human related activities are very obvious. The quest and virtual implementation of computer in all the fields of human endeavour increases with its inevitable impact, these impacts are on its increase due to the need for high quality and timely response. Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. The aim of this project work is to design and implement an online customer service system. Customer satisfaction has is a major challenge facing many organizations today. The Problems associated with the manual system prompted for adoption of this project work. More so, that the following will be achieve Convenient and easy, Private and secure, Saves time, Saves money. The Proposed system adopted structural system Design and analysis (SSDA). The data collected were analyze and, suitable system block diagram, system flowchart, program flowcharts, input and output for the new system were designed. Finally, php, html, javascript, ajax were choose as the suitable technologies for the programming and, mysql server as the database.  To this end, the project work will curb the entire problems associated with the manual system. It is also recommended that adequate staff training should be undertaking to ensure perpetual usage of the new system. Also, regular maintenance of the new system should be applied to avoid unexpected system failure.


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