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PAGES:  82 pages, abstract, chapter 1-5 , APENDIX A source code and APENDIX B output, well reserached and supervised82 pages, abstract, chapter 1-5 , APENDIX A source code and APENDIX B output, well reserached and supervised
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Project management establishments like Springlight Technology, Treasure property& project management company,Novitia consulting etc., these establishments require efficient and brilliant technique and flexible system for proper management of all their operation. Their main objective is to offer quality services in projects managementto individuals and other company buying their service in a proper and cost-effective way. In recent years, there has been a rapidgrowth in infrastructures and project executed in the country, which in turn has created a need to build an application that will address most of the issues address in this research work. This research work will be of paramount importance to these sectors as it will be design to address most of their challenges.

Project Management Software easily automates the whole process of project creating, adding team member to the project, allocating task and creating project milestones as well as setting time frame for each project. System users are created by the system admin where each staff is able to login in with the provided authorization and manage his/her account. Clients are register to the system to view and input necessary details on his/her project, the users/staff all form the project team member, where staff can be added to as many project he/she so desire. The admin has the sole authority over the system.

1.2.0                INTRODUCTION

Chapter one introduces the research work and the problem definition of the research, and to know the aim of this research work, research justification tells us why it is important to research on this topic; it also covers areas like scope and limitation of study which entails the boundary of this work. Definition of terms gives summarize what each chapter entails.


This research work was undertaken to uncover some of the problems with conventional project management systems. Where project team member meet on regularly basis to discuss the progress made on the project,team members are not permitted to travel or engage in activities outside the cities as work progress is review by physical presence. Using these conventional method pose lots of constraint on team member as no team member can focus on other business activities except these is completed. Thereby slowing the growth of the establishment.

1.4.0                  OBLECTIVE OF STUDY

               In view of the problems mentioned above, this project is aimed at implementing a project management system which will exclusively:

•Automate every project carried out in the establishment such as registering a project , keeping track of project milestones, projects updates and Asynchronous transfer of message between project team members.

•Efficiently handling  of project files and secure channel through which projects will be store, sorted, updated and retrieved.


1.5.0             RESEARCH JUSTIFICATION       

This research work will provide a reliable way of handling Springlight projects effectively and eliminate the lag time in file recovery and also with an inclusion of anasynchronous system. Furthermore, it will aids structural document representation and eliminates the tedium of performing monotonous transaction. This research will also contribute to existing literature in this area and will serve as a guild or blueprint for an undergraduate student.



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