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  information system
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Background of Study An inventory system provides the organizational structure and the operating policies for maintaining goods to be stocked. The system is responsible for ordering and receipt for goods. Inventory Management is an enterprise-wide discipline concerned with the identification and tracking of Information Services (IS) hardware and software assets. Its three main areas of concern are: acquisition, redeployment and termination. Acquisitionis established to assist personnel in procurement of software and hardware products. Its main purpose is to ensure that proper justifications are performed and that financial guidelines are followed. Redeploymentare responsible for ensuring that assets are tracked when moved from one location to another and that budgetary considerations are adjusted as needed. Should a product be moved in conjunction with its original owner then the Inventory System is updated to reflect the new location. Should a product location and owner change, then the Inventory System must be updated to reflect the new owner and their location. In this case, the old product is deleted from the original owner's budget and added to the new owner's budget. Termination is responsible for deleting the asset from the inventory when it is discontinued, or replaced. The owner's budget will be updated to reflect the asset termination and the asset will no longer be listed when location reports are generated. (G&P 13 Edition) Inventory Management Provides up-to-date information about data processing resources through the creation and archiving of records in a centralized repository; Financial records specific to a single component, or groups of components; Service records for all components in the inventory; Data used to support configuration diagrams of the hardware and software and components contained within specific locations, or the entire data processing environment. (APA 2001). 1.1.1 Course Accreditation in Higher Institutions The accreditation of courses in higher institutions is done in order to make sure that institutions meet the basic requirements for offering a particular program. In Nigeria, this is done by the National University Commission (NUC). There are several criteria for accrediting courses: Students: Student performance must be evaluated. Student progress must be monitored to foster success in attaining student outcomes, thereby enabling graduates to attain program educational objectives. Students must be advised regarding curriculum and career matters. (APA 2001 ) The program must have and enforce policies for accepting both new and transfer students, awarding appropriate academic credit for courses taken at other institutions, and awarding appropriate academic credit for work in lieu of courses taken at the institution. The program must have and enforce procedures to ensure and document that students who graduate meet all graduation requirements. (APA 2001 )

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