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The quest and virtual implementation of computer in all the fields of human endeavour increases with its inevitable impact, these impacts are on its increase due to the need for high quality and timely response. Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. The aim of this project work is to design and implement an online customer service system. The aim of this research work is design and implementation of a computerized web based rental service for ifeanyi rental buisiness. More so, that the following will be achieve Convenient and easy, Private and secure, Saves time, Saves money for both customers and the firm. The Proposed system adopted structured system analysis and design methodology (SSADM). The data collected were analyze and, suitable system block diagram, system flowchart, program flowcharts, input and output for the new system were designed. Finally, php, html, javascript, ajax were choose as the suitable technologies for the programming and, mysql server as the database.  To this end, the project work will curb the entire problems associated with the manual system. It is also recommended that adequate staff training should be undertaking to ensure perpetual usage of the new system. Also, regular maintenance of the new system should be applied to avoid unexpected system failure.



1.1 Background of the Study

The emergence of information and communication technology today has affected almost all the sphere of life were one innovation replace the other within a twinkle of an eye according to Power, D. J. (2002). Today, many organizations are experiencing technological advancement and change in the mode of in which they carry out their business processes. With this advancement, it is becoming essential to find an easier and more effective system to help an organization improve its productivity and service delivery. In recent years, information systems technology has become crucial and is playing a critical role in contemporary society and dramatically is changing economy and business which the rental service business are not excluded Combs, R. M., (2012). Business is conducted in a global environment and simply could not serve without computer database based information management systems. The use of database management information systems especially in recent time is often understood to be changing the way business and organizations work as well as help managers reduce uncertainty in decision making Davenport, T.H., (2004).

It is often stated that information systems is a tool to help improve management by using available information for decision making. According to Thompson and Beer (2000) information management systems assists in the day-to-day business operations which is increasingly providing a competitive advantage for the organizations.  Several studies have found and reported diverse findings regarding information systems usage in decision making.  Haag and Cummings (2006) noted that information systems support decision making in organizations and vary among managerial levels. The application of information systems and database management technology in business and organizations has opened new possibilities for running and managing organizations and also has improved management decision making in many areas of life according to theauthor.

Most rental service firms today still use manual information system because their information needs are of moderate size and managers of such firms have probably been enjoying the manual system as regards to their relatively and comfortable low level of transaction activities. With the high level of social activities being experienced, it is only the rental firms with very large information or high capacity of rental service with rapid rate of renting per item that are likely to survive pressure, and therefore should link information system to business strategy. With this pressure, there is a need to improve corporate effectiveness through their own involvement in system planning to ensure that business strategy is developed in the context of the computerized environment. 


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