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1.1 Background to the Study

In modern conditions of globalisation and development of information technology, information processing activities have come to be seen as essential to successful of businesses and organizations. The application of information systems technology in business and organisations has opened up new possibilities for running and managing organisations, institutions as well has improved management decision making according to Hickie, S. (2003).

Transition from industrial society to information and knowledge society has its impact on social, economic and cultural aspect of life especially in academics. There are only few aspects of life nowadays which are unaffected by information technology which final year student project allocation system is considered to be one of them. In recent years, information systems technology has become crucial and is playing a critical role in contemporary society and dramatically is changing economy and business which is now conducted in a global environment and simply could not serve without computer based information system according to  Short, J.E. (2004).

The education system in Nigeria has gone so complex that an automated system may be required to automate certain aspects of the academic activities which the student project allocation is one to be considered. Projection system is simply a process by which project supervisors assign a project topic to a student to research on which is part of the academic curriculum before the student can be award a degree.

In many tertiary institutions in the country such as the Kaduna state university, students seek a project in a given field of specialty as part of the upper level of their degree programme. Usually, a project can be filled by at most one student, though in some cases a project is suitable for more than one student to work on simultaneously according to Gerhard Werling, (2008). To give students something of a choice, there should be as wide a range of available projects as possible, and in any case the total number of project places should not be less than the total number of students. Typically a lecturer will also offer a range of projects, but does not necessarily expect that all will be taken up. Each student has preferences over the available projects that he/she finds acceptable, whilst a lecturer will normally have preferences over the students that he/she is willing to supervise. There may also be upper bounds on the number of students that can be assigned to a particular project, and the number of students that a given lecturer is willing to supervise. In this research work we consider ways of project allocation to student in the Kaduna state university by designing and developing a web based project allocation system.

1.2Statement Of The Problem

The traditional way of allocating project to students in our higher institution need to be reconsidered since project/research writing is sensitive aspect of student education in the higher institution which the Kaduna state university is an exception. Before now, lecturers ask students to go out and get project topics for themselves for approval. This system made project writing look less like a class assignment which does not require an extra effort to complete rather an issue of copying. With the advancement in file saving and file retrieval system, institution cannot afford to be ignorant of the basic tool, which is the driving force behind technological oriented administration. Much can be achieve if an institution have a well organized management system. Students project can easily be allocated to each or group of students without the problem of delayed project allocation from the supervisor or conflict of topic between two individual or group of student in the same department. The problems of manual system of project allocation within the institution with the ever growing population is seen to be more challenging due to most project supervisor been engaged to other academic activities which leads frustration of many students especially those whose topics are approved within the shortest time frame. Other problems such as 

I.Multiple approval of same topic to more than one student by different supervisor due to absent of a project central database for verification.

II.Most times students end up been frustrated by project supervisors due to its area of study dues prompting project topic refusal.

III. Poor collaboration between the students and their project supervisors due to absence of information system especially in this technological era where everything tends to digitization and mobile technologies.

Due to the problem stated above, we proposed a web based project allocation system to the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. 


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