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Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) is a telecommunication network that is used globally for communication services such as voice communication, data connection for fax, short message service (SMS) and full dial-up connection to the internet for e-mail and web browsing. This network especially in Nigeria is faced with serious challenge of traffic congestion, leading to call drops, incomplete calls, cross-talks, distorted or faint talks and other undesirable effects. It is necessary that a means of managing this congestion so that subscribers can get desired satisfaction from GSM available services is taken into consideration. This research work is aimed at developing a network congestion and control system using hybrid techniques, using buffer and high priority scheme. This research methodology adopted Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology and implemented with Asp.Net. Both primary and secondary method of data collection was successfully done. A network congestion and control system has been developed. The proposed system will be beneficial to Airtel network providers and other telelcom industry who adopts the system CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study The world is fast becoming a global village and a necessary tool for this process is communication of which telecommunication is a key player.In the past decade, the mobile telephone network in Nigeria has witnessed tremendous growth and this growth rate is likely to be sustained in the near future, and considering the ever increasing number of subscribers, more demanding applications have been developed and implemented which is consequential to greater resources requirement.A major breakthrough is the wireless telephone system which comes in either fixed wireless telephone lines or the Global System of Mobile Communications (GSM). Communication without doubt is a major driver of any economy, emerging trends in socio-economic growth shows a high premium being placed on information and communication technology (ICT) by homes, organizations, and nations according to Stevens (2001). The advents of wireless technology have had great impact on globalization of the Nigeria economy since its inception in 2001. But the tremendous growth in subscription have brought many challenges to the operators on how to tackle the occurring congestion in the mobile wireless communication posed in their services and have caused a lot of inconveniences to the subscribers. Since its goal is to provide good quality services to the end users (subscribers) with respect to speech, effective roaming globally and lesser tariffs. GSM has become more advanced and handles more subscribers than the analog systems. From the finding of our research, we have well over 9 million users of GSM contending for access almost at the same time in Nigeria, making the country one of the fastest growing GSM markets in Africa and the world at large. Nigeria telecommunication market is looking forward to achieve a teledensity of 100% by the year 2020 which is driven by the massive telephone and mobile communication improvements thereby requesting for a great increase in the information and communication technology (ICT) Adegoke et al., (2000). Nigeria, with the population density of over 170 million people are being serviced by five major Global System for Mobile (GSM) Telecommunication operators which are MTN, AIRTEL, GLOMOBILE, ETISALAT and MTEL. But among the various operators MTN has the greatest patronage with over 57.2 million subscribers although the competition is getting tighter as the day goes by as operates have to compete for the same potential subscribers. Over the years after the start of the GSM era in Nigeria, the focus is now gradually shifting from providing coverage to providing quality service and the euphoria of owning a phone set is gradually giving way to complaints of dropped calls and congestion among subscribers.

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