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ABSTRACT Personnel appraisal has continued to grow from local appraisal system to highly technologically forms. In this information age computers are being used for other activities which are manually done in paper forms like the staff appraisal system in the faculty of science. Thus, the aim of this research work is to design and implement a web based appraisal management system for the faculty of science which enables the faculty carry out timely and efficient appraisal systems for its staffs. This research work will developed by adopting the rapid application development methodology (RAD) and will be implemented using PHP5 object oriented programming language and MYSQL database for data storage. Finally, the recommendations shows that if computers used in carrying out the job of personnel appraisal it would be faster and easier to compile for the appraisal management units. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Information technology (IT) has produced a deep impact on human lives, and the most important aspect of its effect is on education and learning, in recent year’s appraisal management has continued to find a means by which the manual method of recording or processing personnel system can be converted to computer processing method. Since the advent in the mid 40’s the problem has become how to use computer truly for human endeavor Initially, it was used as guides towards improving administrative performances, today the shift is on the side of the computer making decision and improving operation performance directly. (Cascio and Aguinis,2005) defines staff appraisal as a systematic description of the job and relevant strengths and weakness of the employees. While Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary defines appraisal as the ability to assess the value or quality of somebody or something. (Feldman Daniel et al, 2008) defines staff performance appraisal as the process of measuring and assessing the level of performance of organizational members. Furthermore, the modern emphasis is upon supervision or the supervisors who should strive to help their subordinate to achieve firm and individual roles demanded by most appraisal programs (Carlton Davis, June 2004). In the University of port-Harcourt, faculty of Science staff Performance appraisal helps to evaluate training needs, staff needs, staff performance, promotions and determine the availability of compensation packages, which serve as basis for executing, maintenance and separation of functions among academic and non-academic staffs etc. As a complement to other approaches, self-appraisal has great appeal to managers who are primarily concerned with employee participation and development. For compensation purposes, however, its value is considerably less. Some individuals are masters at attributing good performance to their own efforts and poor performance to someone else. Staff behavior determines a firm’s degree of success. Therefore, some organizations believe it is important to obtain performance input from this critical source. Organizations use this approach because it demonstrates a commitment to the customer, holds employees accountable, and fosters change. Customer-related goals for executives generally are of a broad, strategic nature, whereas targets for lower-level employees tend to be more specific. For example, an Objective might be to improve the rating for accurate delivery or reduce the number of dissatisfied customers by half (Carlton Davis, June 2004). It is important to have employees participate in setting their goals and to include only factors that are within the employees’ control. Formal performance evaluations are usually prepared at specific intervals. Although there is nothing magical about the period for formal appraisal reviews, in most organizations they occur either annually or semiannually. Even more significant, however, is the continuous interaction (primarily informal), including coaching and other developmental activities, that continues throughout the appraisal period. Managers should be conditioned to understand that managing Performance is a continuous process that is built into their job every day. In the current business climate, it may be well for all firms to consider monitoring performance more often. Southwest Airlines has asked its managers to have monthly check-ins with staff rather than semi-annual ones. A study found that 63 percent of high-growth companies review performance more than once a year; in comparison, just 22 percent of low-growth company review performance more than once a year. Changes occur so fast that employees need to look at objectives and their own roles throughout the year to see whether changes are in order. In high-tech organizations, the speed of change mandates that a performance period be shorter. 1.2 Statement of The Problem In recent years more especially personnel appraisal system has continued to find a means by which the manual method of recording or processing personnel appraisal system can be converted to computer processing method. Concept of computerized system will bring relief to individuals and groups goal or objective within an organization. Performance Appraisal which is done manually is time consuming and tedious as it involves going through the records of large number of staffs in their respective files, there could also be a risk of data being destroyed due to infestation of rodents, fire outbreak, inadequate security of data, and misplacement of data, etc. However, computerization is beset with many advantages which affect its level of appraisal system within an organization operation. It brings a successful input or output of the information system into existence, increases the efficiency and effectiveness of result and how to eliminate many problems associated with the manual method of data processing.

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