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1.0     Introduction

This chapter gives an introduction to an online product delivery system. It starts with giving background information about the existing product delivery system, and then giving insight to the problems inherent in the system. Thus, an introduction to an alternative system, the online product delivery system is introduced. The limitations of this research work are also given.

 1.1            Background Of the Study

The need for access to a global product distribution system, the ability to reach new customers and the desire  to reduce product distribution costs have all played a part in creating a shift from the normal physical means of delivery. There has been relative success in this transition because of the great technological advancement the world is experiencing today.

The rapid development in information technologies and in particular communication technologies, has imparted to various digress, the online product delivery environment. The World Wide Web (WWW) originally a text based communication platform has developed towards a product delivery network such that business systems like buying, selling and delivery of products can be carried out online with relative ease using this electronic medium. The gain in popularity of the World Wide Web and the usage of the internet has led to it becoming a very important medium to achieving E-commerce and E-business goals.

Increasing number of retailers are adopting the Internet as a platform to make sales. The adoption and use of the Internet to facilitate socio-economic activities is growing in all parts of the world

In developed countries, the growth has been very high with the Internet penetration reaching over 75 per cent of the population. For example, statistics indicated that the Internet users grew in the United Kingdom from 15.4 million in 2000 to 59.3 million as at November, 2015, recording 91.6 per cent penetration rate and in the United States of America, it grew from 95.3 million in 2000 to 280.7 million as at November, 2015, achieving 87.4 per cent penetration rate (Internet World Statistics, 2015). The growth is even more explosive in Africa but with lower penetration rate. Morocco leads other countries in the region with the penetration rate of 60.6 per cent. Statistics showed that in Morocco, the Internet users grew from meager 100, 000 in 2000 to 20.2 million in November, 2015. Nigeria’s internet growth between 2000 and December, 2015 is also very impressive, rising from 200000 in 2000 to 92.6 million in November, 2015, with 51.1 per cent penetration rate (Internet World Statistics, 2015).

Nigeria as a developing country and information communication and technology are playing important roles in development of the country by the means of e-commerce, which is buying and selling of products and services over electronic system such as the internet and others computer networks. In Nigeria we have less ways to pay our bills online or trade online. But now financial institute such as banks who wants to revolutionize the e-commerce by the use of debit/credit cards like visa, MasterCard etc. with the lunch of these services, new start-ups can easily sell their products and services online. These services have lots of potential and we hope it will succeed and bring more changes in the Nigeria e-commerce field. There are big and old plays like,, etc. which are already popular for its money transaction and online shopping.

 1.2   Statement of the Problem

The problems and challenges of the existing system include:

1.       Issues where products bought are delivered late or to the wrong person.

2.       Shipping costs from country to country are always expensive.

3.       Delivery risk occurs when the seller fails to deliver the original (inferior/duplicate) product or delivers a damaged product due to shipping problems.

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