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Due to the rigorous work and risk involved in the manual hospital and medical record management system which is a major problem in hospital management in Nigeria. with the rapid growth and integration of information technology in all sphere of life, it is evident that the deployment of a mobile secure hospital management system will not only transform the format of hospital management and patients medical record keeping system but will also improve security on data access of patience record in hospital management. The proposed system adopted rapid application development methodology (RAD), while carrying out analysis and design both primary and secondary method of data collection was employed. This research work on secured hospital management system was implemented using object oriented programming language PHP and mysql database. The system can aid in easy documentation, eliminate loss of patient records, reduction of time spent and errors during search and processing of patient record, easily reduces the book keeping task and thus reduces the human effort and increases accuracy and speed which can be accessed from any location with any internet enabled devices




1.1 Background of the Study

As medical care gets more and more complex and new information is already overwhelming physician’s capacity to treat patients with the latest information, physicians need new technologies to help them cope. There is great need for a digital record to allow capture of patents data that can then be processed  and  mined  for  insights  into  better  treatment  for  patents .The mobile medical record (EMR)  is the tool that promises to provide the  platform from which new  functionality and new  services can be provided for patients.In most developing countries, provision of basic preventive, promotive and curative services are a major concern of the Government. With growing population and advancement in the medical technology and increasing expectation of the people especially for quality curative care, it has now become imperative to provide quality health care services through the established health institutions in Nigeria. The importance of   technological  change   in  the  health  sector  is  a  widely  discussedtopic in the economic literature  Selder(2005) among  these changes is the introduction of Electronically Patient Report (EPR)  which can promote higher quality, lower costs, and increased patient and clinician satisfaction.Patient flow refers to progression of patients from when they enter the practice’s system by scheduling an appointment until they exit the system by leaving the office after a physician visit.In the present era of globalization and advanced technology efficient record keeping cannot be overemphasized. Imagine the scenario when the manual processes and manual modes of instruction get replaced with electronic systems.One of such replacement can be done in the area of patient’s database management system within a hospital. Developing a mobile secured hospital management system would benefit the hospital management sector in Nigeria in other for patience to have effortless access to their data securely and more easily which can be access through any mobile device. Information security 

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