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Department:  Computer Science
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  information system
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Electronic messaging has become an essential method of communication that is accessible to all users of mobile and internet enabled device all over the world, the use of electronic messaging system (bulk sms portal) can help to facilitate timely and efficient communications between the lecturers and students in the department of computer science. This research work has enlightened more on the concept of bulk sms portal development, bulk messaging system and desirable features of portals. Both existing and new systems are carefully analyzed and more advantage of the new one over the old indicate that the problems encountered in the existing system such as untimely delivery of messages, unsecured information and unreliable storage will be brought to rest. The methodology adopted in this research work is Rapid Application Development Methodology (RADM), while carrying analysis for the design and implementation of the proposed system both primary and secondary method of data collection was used. The proposed system was implemented using HTML, CSS, and PHP programming language, content management system (cms) and mysql database. We have successfully developed an electronic messaging system known bulk sms portal using Application program interface to connect to global sms gateway which is controlled in Nigeria by NCC, result obtained shows that bulk sms portal could help the department of computer science in information dissemination with just one click to pass information to the phone numbers of the students registered on the portals






1.1 Background to Study

Electronic messaging (including email, instant messaging and sending an SMS) will aid in teaching, learning, research, communication and administration in any tertiary institution when deployed. The need of a departmental electronic messaging requires attention to address the urgent needs of the computer science students and regard for the demands of efficiency and professionalism in information dissemination within the department (Bellmen, 2010).      Adding text messaging functionality to mobile devices began in the early 1980s. The first action plan of the Group GSM was approved in December 1982, requesting that, "The services and facilities offered in the public switched telephone networks and public data networks should be available in the mobile system. This plan included the exchange of text messages either directly between mobile stations, or transmitted via message handling systems in use at that time. The SMS concept was developed in the Franco-German GSM cooperation in 1984 by Fried helm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert

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