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  Biometrics Authentication
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This project was borne out of the necessity to address the inherent possible encountered by the employee and staffs in an organization. And how to implement a new design to the existing system.Based on the modern improvement of employee attendance monitoring system using biometrics and finger print. This research work  computerization employee attendance monitoring system will make employee boast their productivity and increase the organization record and the time of employees activities.

The system was designed and implemented using object oriented programming language visual basic 10. Both primary and secondary data collection was carried out. Rapid Application design(RAD) methodology was adopted




1.1 Background Of The Study

Today, many organizations are experiencing   technological advancement and change in the mode of in which they carry out their business processes. With this advancement, it is becoming essential to find an easier and more effective system to help an organization improve its employee’s productivity.

Employee attendance monitoring system is an easy way to keep track of attendance of employees within an organization. It covers the requirement of the personnel department in terms of day to day monitoring of employees, calculation of overtime and transfer of relevant information to the payroll system and manpower analysis. Hence, employee attendance is an important issue every kind of organization must take into consideration in order to be productive. According to Clavereau, M (2011), employees succeed in stealing organization productivity without the management even noticing through absenteeism and buddy punching. It further stated that employee absence and buddy punching directly cost the UK economy nearly 17 billion pounds which equates to 27 million working days. This demonstrates the negative effect of buddy punching and staff absenteeism on an organization’s productivity which can be solved by the introduction of a biometric technology system. The fingerprint Biometrics is adopted in this research work for the fact it is one of the most successful applications of biometric technology. In the manual signing processes, where lecturer give a sheet of paper to staff to write their names and signature as a form of confirming their presence for a particular session, falsification in staff attendance mostly occur in  a situation where by a staff can sign on behalf of his or her colleague as being present in the duty post when not true can be so difficult to prevent from happening especially for large organization where row count can takes longer time International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security (2009).  The trending concern in this modern world is regarding national security, identifying theft as well as on-line terrorism. Researcher refers to Biometric as a solution for detecting user’s identity and security challenges emanating in this modern day. Biometric identification is any automatically measurable, robust and distinctive physical characteristic or personal trait that can be used to identify an individual or verify the claimed identify of an individual. Biometric science utilizes the measurements of a person’s behavioural characteristics (keyboard strokes, mouse movement) or biological characteristics (fingerprint, iris, nose, eyes, jaw, voice pattern, etc). It is the features captures that is being transformed digitally into a template. The recognition software can then be use to discover an individual as the person they claim to be. Fingerprint recognition is the most common biometric method adopted in identification of a person (Ismail 2009).  Biometric is a field of technology that uses automated methods for identifying and verifying a person based on physiological and behavioural traits. Because some parts of the human body is use in biometrics, the issue of getting lost is not possible and for password to be easily guess can be easily avoided.   Also, utilizing biometrics in most cases can be said to be more efficient when speed is considered and convenient than employing password and ID cards method. Using a particular person fingerprint as a form of authentication is just like using natural physical data as a password. The benefit of using biometric authentication is that it is absolutely distinct to each person. There are no two different individuals with the same fingerprint, it is difficult and impossible for one another to have the same fingerprint, and fingerprints from different people can never be the same. Also, a fingerprint can never be guess by a criminal, such as a password which imposter can easily predict using a user birth date or any other common password. Infiltration is very hard to come by due to the fact that criminal will not be able to snoop around to steal user password when using ATM with the 4-digit pass code (Valasquez 2013) Fingerprint can be categorize as one of the most mature biometric traits and is accepted in courts of law as a legitimate proof of evidence. Fingerprints are adopted in forensic analysis globally in investigations of criminal. More recently, there are growing numbers of individuals and commercial users that are currently using or strongly putting into consideration of using fingerprint-based identification for no any other reason other than the matching performance biometric technology has demonstrated as well as a better understanding of fingerprints. Although there are so many positive impacts for using biometric authentication, however, unlike username and password, biometric data is a physical feature of a person that is fixed and cannot be change. If a person could have access to adequate scan another person fingerprint, that scan has the capability to trick the Touch ID system. In that case, the fingerprint features of a person can’t be change consequently a criminal can’t be prevented from having access to your personal information or files. As fingerprint scanning becomes more widely accepted anywhere anytime, this may become a substantial challenge. A criminal can have access to different accounts because with one fingerprint, a criminal may have access to multiple accounts that implemented authentication using fingerprint. Therefore, there is a need for a more sophisticated method of handling employee attendance using computer and biometric fingerprint device for data capturing.

 1.2 Statement Of The Problem     

The traditional system is still mostly used in so many organizations today. Employers of labour will give out a sheet of paper containing list of staffs name to sign or in some cases, the stafft will be the ones to write their names, staff id and number to indicate their presence for a particular day. Falsification in staff attendance does occur rampantly in the traditional method. For example, another staff can easily sign an attendance on behalf of another staff. In other to prevent this problem, it is necessary to develop an Authentication System for Staff using fingerprint Biometric recognition that will be employed to track and keep the attendance of every staff in a particular organization. Fingerprint is unique feature for everyone compare to using barcode in smart cards. Therefore, this system designed in this project work is no

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