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CHAPTER ONE         


1.1  Background of the Study

Internet technology offers extensive ranges of services such as electronic mails, file sends, etc., and one of the most popular services offered on the Internet is Electronic Communication" (or e-communication). E-communication is becoming bigger technological wave that has changed the way by which business is being conducted.

Two main areas in which e-communication grew significantly in recent years are Internet communication and conducting business on the Internet (Ghosh, 1998). With internet communication, the way users make use of communication services has changed. They do not have to go to terminals or stay in-line at a Communicate center to send or receive messages  between users, but simply log on to a mobile device website which provides Internet Communication services including sending message and receiving message from the users. Although the users cannot get physical contact in their communication but their experience when high technology like graphics and video are attached their avatars gives them a physical contact experience. They are able to send message to other users electronically and bring them to interact with their colleagues. Moreover, the users are able to send messages or schedule monthly message and communicates by using the Internet Communication services.


Programming applications for mobile phones used to be a niche task. However the recent wide adoption of mobile devices and especially smart phones, together with the app store mobile application distribution model, has elevated mobile application programming to a common activity. To support mobile application development, each producer of a major mobile application platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.) provides a convenient software development kit (SDK). For example Google’s Android SDK integrates nicely with the popular Java IDE Eclipse. This makes it easy for programmers to start programming mobile phone applications. I.e., programmers install an SDK on their desktop computer and develop a mobile application there as they would develop any other application. The SDK typically contains a powerful emulator or virtual device that allows programmers to simulate how their mobile applications will behave on an actual mobile device. This paradigm will be adopted in this study to develop a mobile device message send system which is the topic of this research work.

Mobile Communication (m-Communication) is a term used for performing mobile devices users transactions, Communicates, and applications via a mobile device such as a mobile phone (Glassman, 1995).With mobile Communication, a client may be sitting in a remote location, but as long as the client has a mobile phone with network connectivity, the client can communicate with other users. Based on the aforementioned benefits of internet Communication, this research work therefore focuses on the development of a mobile device communication system. The analysis, design and implementation of the proposed system will be carried out in five chapters as follows; chapter one is the introduction

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